We have a long-term partnership with Biomind, a US company specialized in cutting-edge technology for proteomic and genomic data analysis. Our collaboration has produced technological and scientific advances, and innovative products.

ArrayGenius, Biomind's flagship product, is an enterprise system for large scale analysis of gene expression data generated by microarray technology. The system combines advanced machine learning algorithms with large amounts of domain-specific information, including biological ontologies. ArrayGenius has very powerful analysis capabilities, combined with a simple interface and easy-to-grasp result reports.

We have also worked on challenging and inspiring data analysis problems in collaboration with Biomind scientific staff and their customers, producing relevant results in biology and medicine.

On Demand Analysis

The advanced genomic data analysis technology developed by Vetta Labs for Biomind is available to scientists without the need or the budget for a dedicated enterprise system.

Biomind OnDemand is an innovative service that sells processing units to the users, minimizing the total cost of analysis. For academic users, it also automatically generates websites containing detailed information about the analysis, to be used as online supplementary material in publications.

Biomind OnDemand Screenshot