Vetta Labs

Outstanding success in research and development of innovative solutions: that's our objective in Vetta Labs.

To solve recurrent, well-known problems in a quick and efficient way is a challenge for many solution providers; to be able to cope with situations related to specific domains and conditions closely related to the client business is a far more demanding issue.

Our team is Vetta Labs is up to the task: we have years of experience in large scale software development, and our processes are fine tuned to understanding and solving complex problems. We work in many different areas - from financial markets to bioinformatics, including natural language processing, biometrics, image recognition and industrial processes management. This diversity gave us an unique insight about how to adapt quickly to new conditions and information.

We don't limit ourselves to the implementation of high-quality software; our research teams also develop novel approaches and techniques to improve your processes. More than just a software provider, we can be the partner to give an competitive advantage to your company.