Portfolio Manager

Screenshot do Portfolio Manager

Tatem Fund Investor provides the manager of Funds of Funds with an integrated view of his/her investments as well as the whole universe of assets under analysis for possible future investments. Designed under modern usability principles, Portfolio Manager has an easy-to-use interface and powerful analytical features that provide fund managers with relevant strategic information so they may focus on identifying the best investments for their funds.

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With Tatem Fund Investor, investment funds may have different classes and series. A class represents a set of series under a given set of rules (performance fee, redemption rules, etc). On the other hand, a series represents the value of fund shares over time. A Fund may contain any number of classes, and a class may contain any number of series. The hierarchy can be easily viewed and manipulated from the system's fund navigator.

Portfolio Manager screenshot

Integrated management of money market accounts, cash reserves, assets under management (AUM), investment redemption rules, multiple currencies and market indexes allows a clear view of portfolio liquidity and expected cash flow.